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For two hundred years the funeral industry has persuaded people that it is possible to measure love and respect through the spending of money on expensive coffins.  

You would think that intelligent people would realise this idea is absolutely illogical, and serves  no purpose other than to inflate the cost of dying.  

Practical, hard-working men and women, who would never have contemplated an ostentatious display just to impress the neighbours, so often wind up doing just that, only because a grieving survivor did not stop to think about what the departed would have chosen. The result is, quite simply, that their estate, which they intended to  help support the surviving spouse, or their children, is much less than it could have been.  

After all, at the end of the day, what is left of that expensive coffin, is a pile of ashes.  That is why I developed the “Dolphin” casket,  just for those who want to do it . . . 


Christine is a mother of two boys, and she has worked in the funeral industry as a manager for a local firm.   

From the time she witnessed her first cremation, she was troubled by the waste involved in the burning of elaborate, highly polished and expensive coffins.  After two years of trying out various designs she finally came up with an economical coffin design - the Dolphin coffin. 

Christine gets the components pre-cut, and assembles the coffins herself. She conducts the whole service herself, and charges a fixed Professional Fee for the complete funeral service. 

Further Information contact Chris Williams 08 8241 5419

“I know that this isn’t for everybody, but I also know that there are plenty of people out there who share my view that expensive coffins are just a waste of money and materials. This venture will enable those people to pre-arrange their own funeral and have the satisfaction of knowing that the money saved will go to their surviving spouse or children instead of adding to the profits of funeral firms. Of even more importance is that they have preserved scarce resources for future generations to enjoy.”